Mobile Units

We apply the experience we have gained through building more than 300 broadcast vehicles and satellite solutions to the security and surveillance sector.

The result is innovative mobile transmission solutions. We combine the latest HD and UHD transmission technology with leading-edge wireless and satellite communication and thus develop mobile surveillance vehicles, operational vehicles, command centres or control points that combine the most innovative technologies.

Our mobile surveillance units significantly improve the performance of the operators and show what is possible in the surveillance and security sector. We achieve this through a combination of high-resolution video equipment, wireless communication via Mesh networks or satellite, with our Reality Observation Server (ROS), the latest video and lens technology as well as ultra-flat antennas that enable Satcom On The Move transmissions.

Transmission of the recorded data and communication with other units can take place over various mediums. Broadcast Solutions offers traditional Satcom solutions with parabolic antennas, pocket-sized solutions (Satcube), ultra-flat antennas that enable Satcom On The Move, connection via microwave or IP-based or self-healing Mesh networks that enable bidirectional communication.

We are experts in these areas

  • Image recording and processing
  • Camera and lens technology
  • Transmission
  • Satellite communication: static and on the move
  • Terrestrial communication: microwave and MIMO / Mesh technology
  • Multichannel recording and data storage
  • Coachwork
  • Interior fitting

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