BMS - Professional Downlink Systems

Strategic Communication and Large-Scale Plant Monitoring

Strategic Communication and Large-Scale Plant Monitoring

As well as the network cluster on the ground (tactical units), airborne systems can also be incorporated (strategic units). These can be either manned or un manned platforms (helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, UAVs) that themselves feed video data into the network and provide a wide-area overview.

Via a central downlink system, live video or sensor data can then be transmitted over large distances and is available for all command and front-line personnel for evaluation.

  • Wireless high-speed transmission
  • 5 W/10 W COFDM transmitter power
  • HD video quality
  • MPEG2 and H.264 encoding
  • L-, S-, and C-Band
  • 28 V on-board power supply
  • KLV and user data transport
  • Ethernet port for IP-streaming

Video Downlink Configuration


Fixed Receive Site Options


Airborne Downlink Options


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