Mobile communication at the scene

Application Scenario 2

The Challenge

  • Establishment of an ad hoc, independent, broadband communications infrastructure at different locations and networking between them
  • Communication and coordination of personnel through voice, data transmission and live images
  • Transmission of video data to a mobile operation control
  • Realisation of a long-range link to the command centre


The responsibilities of the emergency services include inner defence (homeland security) and the maintenance of public order. These cover event surveillance (demonstrations, protest marches etc.), hostage or siege scenarios, VIP protection or operations before, during and after terrorist attacks. The available resources can be optimally applied and themselves protected by effective communication – also across multiple locations.


The Solution

The intelligent application of tactical and strategic communication safeguards the progress and ultimately the success of critical operations and situations (G20). The combination of mobile ad hoc networks for tactical communication with air-supported downlink and relay systems enables wide-area coverage with radio, live images and data material.

  • Simultaneous feed of voice and data communication at every radio node
  • Self-healing network and system structure
  • Effective mode of operation in urban environments with multipath propagation
  • Connection to distant locations via relay nodes and gateways
  • Inclusion of airborne platforms for area coverage
  • Automatic subscriber recognition and inclusion in the network
  • Connection to various technologies via ‚bridges‘
  • Covert operation
  • Availability of Internet access
  • Connection of ‚smart‘ devices


Secure tactical and strategic communication forms the backbone of critical operations in which the restoration of public safety or the protection of one‘s own personnel is important. In addition, the highest possible compatibility with other technologies must be ensured to be able to digitally exchange data, voice and image material. Critical operational scenarios can thus be kept under control.

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