Communication at disasters and major incidents

Application Scenario 1

The Challenge

  • Communication system for destroyed and overloaded infrastructures such as mobile radio, TETRA, landlines
  • Use of mobile ad hoc networks (MANet) for security and rescue forces to communicate at the scene
  • Connection between the incident location and a remote operations control centre


Major incidents and (natural) disasters are unexpected events that can occur at any time. Preventive measures can only be taken to a degree, and the current situation and the scale of damage can only be established at the scene. Communication between operational controllers and forces at the scene plays a decisive role in the effective coordination of resources. Public networks and infrastructure are often only partially available or even non-existent in such situations.

The Solution

Secure, robust and reliable communication is provided by IP-based mobile ad hoc networks (MANet) that can be quickly established without using any existing infrastructure. These Mesh systems provide

  • Up to 350 radio nodes that can network amongst themselves
  • A self-healing system structure
  • Immediate call establishment (ca. 0.5 s)
  • Automatic subscriber identification/inclusion in the network
  • Gateway and relay operation for network coverage in poorly covered areas
  • Simultaneous voice and data communication
  • Resilience through own power supply
  • High data transfer rate of up to 100 Mbps
  • Delivery of video, audio or data from every point at the incident
  • Data transmission from every radio node
  • Inclusion of UAVs and UGVs (situation overview)
  • Decentralised control of all radio nodes in the network


MANet provides reliable communication at the scene at any time, as well as quick and mobile access to mission missionrelevant information from central databases. Personnel at the scene are supplied with all the necessary information, and themselves provide up-to-date operational information from the location for all subscribers. Resources that are more than 15 km away can also be connected to broadband via a microwave link.

Further application scenarios


Mobile communication at the scene


Monitoring critical infrastructure


Tactical communication for special forces


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