Governmental Communication

Systems for wireless communication and data transmission have been around for many years – but their application and the requirements have fundamentally changed. From rudimentary applications for the analogue transmission of speech, we now have highly complex digital system solutions that – thanks to modern IP technology – deliver voice, video and data in real time almost anywhere in the world.

COFDM-technology has found widespread application in wireless video transmission in recent years. TCP/IP-technology has established itself and is used in MIMO systems. This has enabled longer transmission distances, increased mobility, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) functionality, less susceptibility to multipath problems and better penetration. Mobile ad hoc networks have been developed, based on the combination of COFDM and TCP/IP, which enable a tactical communication network to be established within minutes to support the exchange of information during critical interventions.

We have been planning and building outside broadcast vehicles for live TV-productions, equipping TV-stations, setting up TV-studios and providing the entire equipment, from the camera to the satellite uplink, for more than 15 years. We apply our experience from the broadcast industry in the field of governmental communication. We can provide government agencies and organisations involved in security matters with new and innovative products and system solutions, stationary and mobile, that will deliver significant advantages in tactical and strategic operations.

We develop and manufacture mobile command centres and operational vehicles, and equip these with broadcast, communications and media technology. In close cooperation with the client, we also conceive special vehicles for covert or public surveillance or detection.

We have been working for many years as a reliable system provider together with the police, civil protection agencies, first responders and with certain divisions of the special forces. In particular, in operational and dangerous situations, it has been proven that the key to success lies in the rapid establishment of infrastructures and the exchange of information. Interoperability and high readiness of the systems are fundamental to this. Broadcast Solutions has specialised in this field and provides radio-based IP-networks (MANet) and wireless radio links for video transmission – modern communication for networked operations.