Our story

Since the foundation of Broadcast Solutions in 2003, todays biggest OB manufacturer in Europe, went a long and successful way.

20.02.2003   Foundation of Broadcast Solutions GmbH
01.03.2003   Start of operating activities in the Don-Bosco-Str. 7, Bingen-Büdesheim
July 2003   Delivery of the first Broadcast Solutions OB-Van to Georgia
September 2003   Delivery of a satellite HUB-Station to Korea
November 2003   Relocation to the Gustav-Stresemann-Str. 5, Bingen-Sponsheim
2004   Opening of the „CIS Office“ in Moscow / Russia
2004   Delivery of two OB-Vans to Russia
2005   Delivery of the first HD OB-Van by Broadcast Solutions to Korea
2006   Delivery of a few HD OB-Vans to german production service providers for FIFA WC 2006
2007   Relocation to the new build facilities in the Alfred-Nobel-Str. 5, Bingen Sponsheim
2008   Deliveries to China, Denmark, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary
2009/2010   Large orders by ZDF, in total 5 OB-Vans
2010   Signing of a framework contract with Mediatec Broadcast /Sweden about 10 OB-Vans
2011   Deliveries to Denmark, Korea, Norway, Russia, Romania, Spain and Uzbekistan
2011/2012   Large order from Russia: 7x DSNG vehicles, 6x big OB-Vans for ANO Sports Broadcasting, Use of all vehicles during Olympic Games in Sochi
2012   Foundation of our „Middle East“ subsidiary in Dubai / UAE
2012   Deliveries to Azerbaijan, Korea and Sweden
2013   Enlargement of the production area by building an additional hall
2013   Take over of K.A.T. Mombauer GmbH and foundation of the subsidiary Kabeltechnik Mombauer GmbH in Cologne


Broadcast Facilities

2013   Deliveries to Iraq, Malaysia, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and UAE
2013   Opening of the office in Kiew / Ukraine
2014   Deliveries to Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Iraq and UAE
2014   Take over of Wireworx GmbH in Stuttgart
2014   Delivery of the complete arena infrastructure for the new Spartak Moscow Arena
2015   Opening of our „South-/East Asia“ office in Bangkok / Thailand
2015   Merger of Kabeltechnik Mombauer GmbH into Broadcast Solutions and foundation of the Broadcast Solutions Cologne subsidiary
2015   Delivery of 8 production vehicles to Turkmenistan
2015   Foundation of the Broadcast Solutions Stuttgart subsidiary, Wireworx GmbH is managed as engineering office
2015   Deliveries to Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Dubai and Kuwait
2015   Acquisition of Assets of Somos Broadcast Media zrt. foundation of Broadcast Solutions Hungary kft. in Budapest
2016   Delivery of the biggest, OB-Van constructed yet to Qatar
2016   Delivery of 5 UHD OB Vans to NEP Europe
2016   Deliveries of OB Vans to the Czech Rebublic, to Poland, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkmenistan
2017   Foundation of Broadcast Solutions Finland
2017   Opening of the Broadcast Solutions office in Singapore
2017   A major contract including the delivery of 8 production vehicles to Turkemistan
2017   A number of projects with videoproof systems in several sports e.g. Handball World Championship
2017   Delivery of OB Vans to Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany
2017   Production support for television programs during the day of German Unity in Mainz