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Used 14-Camera OB

A fantastic starting point for usual day-to-day productions, simple to rig and operate. The coachwork has gone through a recent refurbishment and will last for a good few years! An excellent opportunity to get a stable platform to start at a great price.

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Phone: +49 6721 4008-0

  • Dimension:
    Length 13,65 m; Width 2,50 m; Height 3,8 m 
  • License Plate:

  • Matrix:
    Sony HDS X3700 128x128 HD Multiformat
  • Patch Video:
    Argosy 256 Patch Points
  • Video Testing:
    Leitch VTM4150 HD waveform-vector
  • Monitor Wall:
    VISION: 8x17” Pesa Display 
    VTR: 3x Pesa 17” Quad Split, 6x Sony 9’’
  • Rec / Play Framestore:
    4x HD VTR/HD, 2x EVS 6ch rec, 2x EVS 4ch rec in network  
    2x DVD recorder 
  • Framestore:
    5x For-A FA 505 framestore
  • Embedders:
    16x Ross Multiplexer
  • Distr/Up-Down Conv.:
    6x For-A downconverter, 2x AJA downconverter
    26x DDA HD, 6x DDA SD, 10x VDA PAL

  • Switcher:
    Sony MVS 8000A Multiformat, 4 ME, 40 input , 24 output, internal cliprecorder
  • Monitor Wall:
    For-A MV4200 Multiviewer, 4x 50” display,3x 24”display 3x 17” Display on rear desk
  • Control System:
    TSL TallyMan

  • Audio Mixer:
    Yamaha CL5, 48 Mic/Line in, 40 Line Out, 40 AES in, 68 AES out
  • Dolby:
    2X DP571, 1x DP572, 1x DP570 audio tool
  • Monitoring:
    TSL PAM1 MK2, 6x monitoring speaker Genelec
  • Rec / Play:
    CD, Minidisk, DAT, Hard Disk
  • Monitor wall:
    1x 24” display Multiiewer, 1x 24” display
  • Intercom:
    Clear-Com eclipse 64 ch
    2x Glensound GS1U050

Get in touch for used OB trucks

Phone: +49 6721 4008-0

Used OB Vehicles For Sale

In the ever changing world of broadcasting there will always be a balance between commercial and technical requirements. 

Whether you are looking to create a new business model or simply expand your ongoing operation we have solutions for you.

Our extensive portfolio of carefully selected recycled equipment, from full OB systems to individual products may be the answer you are looking for.

We recognise that some modifications may be required, and Broadcast Solutions are perfectly placed to work with you to modify and refresh existing builds. 

With over 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing OB trucks and being Europe’s largest OB manufacturer, we have all the know-how and expertise to provide your perfect solution.

We also offer an enhanced full support agreement, tailored to protect both equipment and vehicle. With these continuity schemes, you can be confident that your new investment will be protected round the clock by engineers you can trust.


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