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Used 12-Camera OB

This is a multifunctional OB Vehicle, specially designed for medium sized productions of up to 12 cameras with a full HD infrastructure. It has been designed to enable easy working with other vehicles and can easily cover major productions with up to 20 cameras. The vehicle has an extending side and has up to 18 workplaces (production, vision, sound, etc.).

Overall in very goods condition and is available with camera channels if required.

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Phone: +49 6721 4008-0

Technical Specifications

Cameras Up to 12 Grass Valley High Definition camera’s, on Triax or SMPTE fiber

  • Grass Valley Kayak 350 SD/HD
  • 1 PP + 2.5 ME
  • 72 inputs
  • 36 outputs, 4 keyers per ME
  • 2 flexible Chromakeyers
  •  6 ramrecorders (33 sec in HD)
  •  4-channel DVE on each ME1 & ME2
  • 1-channel DVE on PP

Thomson Trinix SD/HD 128 x 224

Xpression Multi Channel SD/HD

  • 8x Analog external,
  • 6x HD to SD down converter with colour corrector
  • 2x SD/HD framestore
  • 4x SD to HD upconverter

  • 4x HD color corrector
  • 4x Delay card

  • Up to 6 VTR (HDCam, Betacam & XDcam)
  • 3 x EVS XT (up to 6 input or 6 output)
  • XFile
  • 3x DVD player/ recorder

Up to 3 EVS XT with 6 Operator Positions

  • 2 x 24” PGM
  • 11x 24” Quadsplit
  • 16x 17” Cam PVW with UMD

  • 5x 17” Quadsplit
  •  2x 17” PGM

  • 9x 19” Quadsplit
  •  4x 17” OLED Shading / Control

  • 2x 17”
  • 12x 10”


2x with MTX panel, Intercom, Video- and Audio tielines


  • Studer Vista 8
  • 52 faders all mappable for in and output
  • 7.1 audiomonitoring controle unit, 3x Stereo PTT out

  • Studer Vista DSP Core
  • 48 Mic Input, 54 Line Input, 30x Analog Output, 5x VTR in/out
  • 34x AES Input, 12x AES Output, 3x LSM in/out
  • 4 MADI 64 channel input and output board

44 Mic Input, 8 Analog Input MADI on Pre amp Stagebox

  • 3x Dynaudio BM12a, 2x Dynaudio BM6a MK2 compact
  • 1x Dynaudio BM10S surround

5x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround

2x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround

  • TC Galm 6000FX with Icon, 3x D-Two Delay
  • 2x Wave L2 digital limiter, TC D2 Digital delay
  • 2x Neve analog limiter, Analyser DK MSD 600

  • 2x Embedder
  • 2x De-Embedder


mulitmode card (fiber) available

  • RTS Cronus 48 x 48 (optional larger)
  • 16x port for KP632 or KP12
  • 14x 4-wire IFB

2x RTS dual channel with 4x Beltpack and headset

  • Duplex Motorola Floormanager/ Production
  • 4x Simplex Motorola engineering, audio, lighting
  • 6x Motorola Radio

25.000 kg

12 x 2.5 (with side extended:5.1m) x 4meters

Phase 50 ampère/phase, connector CEE 63A

Get in touch for used OB trucks

Phone: +49 6721 4008-0

Used OB Vehicles For Sale

In the ever changing world of broadcasting there will always be a balance between commercial and technical requirements. 

Whether you are looking to create a new business model or simply expand your ongoing operation we have solutions for you.

Our extensive portfolio of carefully selected recycled equipment, from full OB systems to individual products may be the answer you are looking for.

We recognise that some modifications may be required, and Broadcast Solutions are perfectly placed to work with you to modify and refresh existing builds. 

With over 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing OB trucks and being Europe’s largest OB manufacturer, we have all the know-how and expertise to provide your perfect solution.

We also offer an enhanced full support agreement, tailored to protect both equipment and vehicle. With these continuity schemes, you can be confident that your new investment will be protected round the clock by engineers you can trust.


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