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Brand new 8-Camera OB incl. Support Van

We offer a brand new OB truck based on a truck with a cabin structure. The vehicle is designed as an 8-camera OB van. We also offer a brand-new support vehicle of the brand IVECO.

8-Camera OB

  • Dimensions:
    Length: 10.32 m; Widths: 2.5 m; Height: .82 m 
  • Weight incl. equipment: 15.3 Ton
  • EURO 3

  • Ross video mixer – Carbonite Plus, 2ME+DVE, 36 inputs, 25 outputs
  • SDI Ross routing matrix – Ultrix 32 x 32 with Multiviewer built-in
  • Emergency pre-selector associated to the matrix with output redundancy
  • 8x Sony cameras-HXCFB80 Triax digital configuration
  • OpenGear- Digital Glue processing and distribution
  • 6x External analog/SDI signal processing chain, AJA, FS1
  • 6x External SDI SD/HD signal processing chain
  • 2x P2 Recording memory
  • Multimedia with P2 memory reader

  • Allen&Heath - S7000/DM48 main mixer with 48 inputs, 24 outputs
  • Allen&Heath - C5000/DM32 backup mixer with 32 inputs, 16 outputs
  • Interconnection main-backup via optical fiber 200 - 400 m
  • DANTE interface in the main mixer
  • Double processing output (redundancy)
  • Multimedia player, telephone hybrid, wired and wireless mics

  • Matrix Clearcom EclipsePico, 36 ports with 4 channels FreeSpeak wireless system / IP interface for remote connections
  • Security recording system with internal and external cameras
  • Technical management station (LAN) and technical monitoring ( WFM/VCS)

Support Van

  • Vehicle of the brand IVECO, model 70C15V FURGON DIARIO
  • 2WD, MAM 7 tones and 4100 mm long chassis.
  • EURO 3
  • F1C engine
  • 146 HP
  • 6 + 1 speed gearbox
  • Interior height 2,100 mm

  • Driver´s seat adjustable in 3 directions and with suspension.
  • 2-seat passenger fixed
  • Headrest for driver and passenger
  • Electric windows
  • Front suspension with torsion bar
  • Rear suspension
  • Front and rear disc brakes with ABS + EBD
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • 6 wheels + 1 spare wheel.
  • Opening of rear doors at 180º
  • 100 L fuel tank
  • Partition wall
  • White colour
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio/CD

Contact us for the new OB Van incl. Support Van

Phone: +49 6721 4008-0

Brand new OB Van

Regardless of whether you want to develop a new business model or just want to expand your ongoing operations, we have the right solutions for you.
Our extensive portfolio of carefully selected, used and brand new production tools from complete OB vehicle systems to individual products can be the answer for your project.
We understand that some modifications may be required but Broadcast Solutions has deep experience working with you and modifying and modernizing existing production tools.
With more than 15 years of experience in the development and manufacture of OB vans and as Europe's largest OB van manufacturer, we have the entire know-how and expertise to offer you a perfect solution.
We also offer an extended full support contract tailored to protect both equipment and the vehicle. With these programs, you can rest assured that your new investment will be protected and looked after around the clock by engineers you can trust.

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