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Robycam Cable Camera Systems

Robycam 3D and Robycam Compact

The Robycam 3D and Robycam Compact systems are available for rental and sale, for temporary events and permanent installations.

All systems are equipped with gyro-stabilised remote heads that allow camera movements in all axes. Part of our service is the production support on site with planning and rigging as well as experienced camera operators and Robycam pilots.

Robycam Systems – From Large to Compact

The Robycam 3D is the largest Robycam system. It can cover areas of up to 250x250m and reaches speeds of up to 8m/s in all directions. The Robycam Compact is the little sister of the Robycam 3D. It is designed for use in smaller studios or event locations where space is limited. The system covers an area of up to 80x80m and achieves speeds of up to 4.5m/s.

All Robycam systems meet the German safety standard DGUV 17/18 (formerly BGV-C1) and all other important national safety requirements. The innovative control system can, for example, prevent certain areas from being overflown. This ensures absolute safety even during an operating error during production. In addition, all Robycam systems offer a native augmented reality integration. The data concerning camera position, alignment and lens parameters can be integrated into all common AR systems and enable precise tracking of the camera in the AR system.

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