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Remotely controlled camera heads for cranes and “Flying Cameras” that deliver state of the art, high-class and spectacular moving camera shots.


Robycam is a highly developed cable camera system that is used in live broadcasting, outside or studio production.

Robycam is a flying cable camera system with gyro-stabilized cameras that allows for 1-2 D up to 3 D camera movements that produces spectacular images. The system uses four real-time controlled and automated winches, most advanced gyro-stabilization and motion control techniques. More applications of the system include the use on cranes, sleighs or tracks.

IMG 3344

Robycam is a 3-axis gyro stabilized „flying“ camera system, unlimited in pan, tilt and roll. Carbon fibre keeps it so light that nearly all cameras can be carried (GrassValley LDX, Panasonic AK-HC1800, SONY HDC-P1, Hitachi DK-H100, Ikegami HDL-F50). With a maximum speed of 8m/s the system is always in front of the action. Fibre-optic and/or wireless signal transmission keeps it flexible for all tasks thinkable. With its transmission power areas up to 250x250m can be covered. An integration with other automated Broadcasting-, Cinema-, Computer Graphics- and/or Motion Control Systems are possible and easy to realise. Broadcast Solutions is the exclusive partner in Europe, MEA and South-East Asia.

Robycam Showreel

Robycam in professional use for sports and events

A Robycam flying over Broadcast Solutions headquarter in Bingen.