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LaOn Technology

5 GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

LaON Technology

5 GHz Digital Wireless Intercom System

System Features

LaON Technology (‘LaON’)’s digital wireless intercom system is based on patented technology and offers the best audio quality with an excellent clarity by using 5 GHz UNII Band, triple diversity - frequency, time and antenna, and frequency interference avoidance technologies. It guarantees system stability even in large congested site environments where various A/V and wireless equipment is co-located. A super-scalable IP based repeater plus a Remote Station enable the system to transfer the power and audio data on a daisy-chain connection. With a multiple Remote Station deployment, the wireless coverage can be amazingly extended. In addition, with a redundancy backup system solution, the system reliability will considerably be improved and under control.


License-free 5 GHz UNII Band frequency

The worldwide license-free 5 GHz UNII Band provides approximately up to fifteen (15) RF channels depending on the regions as opposed to three (3) channels on 2.4 GHz ISM band. Users are able to enjoy pleasant wireless communications with even less traffic or interferences. Due to high frequency band, the system is also hardly affected by high-power digital equipment such as amplifiers and speakers.

Super-scalable IP based repeater solution

The Remote Station (RBS) supports the system to dramatically extend the wireless communication coverage. Multiple studio spaces or multi-floors can be easily consolidated by adding a Remote Station at each space using the standard LAN network configuration. It provides PoE (Power of Ethernet) function for convenient power supply and connections and an automatic handoff is available between the stations.

Industry top level, high quality audio performance

Less than 23ms latency and up to 7.2 KHz audio frequency guarantee a wired-like high quality audio performance with extra clarity. LaON LT series are perfectly tuned professional intercom systems for use in various loud and congested site environments.

Five (5) communication group channels

Single or multiple communication group channels can be assigned to the Base Station, Belt Pack, 4-Wire and AUX devices each and those group channels can be used in single-/multi-mode or all together at the same time. With this flexible grouping capabil- ity, one (1) Base Station covers IFB communication as well as IC and ISO communications without an additional IFB system which is ‘more than other solutions offer.

Eleven (11) full-duplex simultaneous audio channels

Up to eleven (11) full-duplex audio channels (1 BS + 10 BPs) are offered with a Base Station. By making the full use of this with multiple group channels, a number of independent teams are practically able to have IFB and wireless communications in one (1) system respectively.

Up to 128 Belt Pack connections

One hundred and twenty eight (128) Belt Packs can be registered into a Base Station and Mobile Station.

Belt Pack in master mode

A Belt Pack can play a role as a master where there is no Base Station or the Base Station is located far from the actual Belt Pack operation area.

Full connectivity with external devices

The Base Station provides 4-Wire and Auxiliary In/Out interfaces for seamless connections with other wireless intercom systems or external audio devices.

Comfortable, compact and classy design

A comfortable headset and compact Belt Pack with internal antenna support high wearability with mobility even at tough broadcasting or event sites.

Various battery options

Either LaON provided rechargeable batteries or AA type Alkaline batteries can be used for supplying power to the Belt Pack.

System monitoring function

Various data can be monitored such as the link status of each device, frequency in use and RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indica- tion) level, battery level and microphone gain level of the Belt Pack.

AES 256bit level 3 encryption

Top level encryption technology is applied to secure confidential wireless audio communications.

Efficient seven (7) bay charger

There are five (5) bays for charging the Belt Pack batteries which are equipped in the Belt Packs and, two (2) bays for charging the Belt Pack batteries which are separated from the Belt Packs.

LaON in-house technologies and solutions

LaON has developed the wireless SoC built in the systems and the wireless intercom systems in-house by applying its patent based technologies. Base on the know-how and comprehensive experiences in wireless technology, LaON offers timely and prompt service with full flexibility ensuring the customer’s satisfaction on a priority level.

System Line-Up

Expert Systems

LT750 System


LT750 is a high range professional system that offers exceptional features for the use at large venues, stadiums, stations, OB trucks, etc.

  • One hundred twenty eight (128) Belt Pack connections
  • Ultra high quality audio with up to 7.2 KHz audio frequency
  • Eleven (11) full-duplex audio channels with five (5) communication group channels
  • Ten (10) Remote Station connections
  • 4-Wire and Auxiliary In/Out interfaces
  • Daisy-chain connection of Remote Station and redundancy backup system solution
  • Belt Pack in master mode
  • Frequency monitoring

LT550 System


LT550 Expert system is a perfect fit for various applications, including broadcasting, musical, theatre, concert and industrial sites.

  • One hundred twenty eight (128) Belt Pack connections
  • Eleven (11) full-duplex audio channels with five (5) communication group channels
  • Five (5) Remote Station connections
  • 4-Wire and Auxiliary In/Out interfaces

Remote Station, RBS25


Super-scalable IP based repeater to enable huge extension of the wireless coverage and consolidation of wide area in one.

  • PoE enabled repeater
  • Standard LAN network configuration
  • Multiple studio spaces or multi-floors can be consolidated in a wireless coverage through easy wiring
  • Automatic and natural handoff as well as manual handoff
  • Up to one hundred twenty eight (128) Belt Pack link to a Remote station
  • Shares full-duplex audio channels and group channels with Base Station

Basic System

LT250 System


The basic system LT250 is a slim but powerfull solution that supports intelligent communication. Good for medium sized venues such as Houses of Worship, schools, hospitals and smaller enterprises.

  • One hundred twenty eight (128) Belt Pack connections
  • Nine (9) full-duplex audio channels with three (3) communication group channels
  • One (1) Remote Station connection
  • Auxiliary In/Out interface

Mobile System

LT150 System


The mobile system LT150 provides professional audio quality equivalent to the LT750 system. The station can be either fixed or mobile. It fits for smaller sites and where portability is key.

  • Adapter or battery powered Mobile Stations
  • Ultra high-quality audio with up to 7.2 KHz audio frequency
  • One hundred twenty eight (128) Belt Pack connections
  • Five (5) full-duplex audio channels with two (2) communication group channels
  • Auxiliary In/Out interface
  • Belt Pack in master mode

Main Accessories


LTWI-BATCHG125 Charger













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