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Powerful Suite for Software Defined Broadcast

Streamline your workflows and manage production, playout and sales with one tool!


Powerful Suite for Software Defined Broadcast

Streamline your workflows and manage production, playout and sales with one tool!

Broadcast Ultrasoft is a software tool that manages almost every process within a TV-Station. It provides a sophisticated solution for any Broadcast Station to work cost effective and fast by employing rapid processing structures, collaborative tools, off-the-shelf hardware and future-proof technologies as well as IP-based workflows.
Broadcast Ultrasoft runs browser-based using the latest cloud-technologies that enable the users to work from nearly everywhere. The software can be hosted both in private and public cloud storages of the enterprise.

Broadcast Ultrasoft offers the management, control and survey on the media part as well as on the budget part of running a Broadcast Station. The tool consists of various modules to master and control the workflows for your media, including Ingest, MAM, Scheduling, Graphics, Playout and Automation.
Further on Broadcast Ultrasoft gives you integrated tools for resource allocation, advertisement booking and accounting. During all stages users have a clear view on costs, resources and profit.

The product works as a distributed system that includes many software tools, modules and services to allow users to customize their workflows within the Broadcast Station processing. It manages all jobs in a Broadcast Station: groups, users, privileges, news content, Media Asset Management, editorial control, traffic, production, facilities, equipment, personnel and cost.
Using Broadcast Ultrasoft managing your Broadcast Facility will be easier than ever.


  • IP-based, paperless workflow
  • Cost effective and future-proof
  • Cloud or private based
  • Collaborative and flexible
  • Hardware independent
  • User defined workflows
  • Strong redundancy concept

Broadcast Ultrasoft is a very extensive platform running in your browser. It offers the full control of IP-based Broadcast Stations of almost any size. Clients can use Windows, Mac, Linux, or even a Smartphone. The software tool consists of a number of modules for different purposes within a production chain in a Broadcast Station.


Selected Features and Modules


MAM and Workflow Automation

Media Management

Manage your assets from anywhere on the network with an enormous number of functions. Create, edit and delete assets. Ingest media, search for or preview media. (The module cooperates with different automated background services like proxy creation, transcoding, file-based QC, file transfer, MXF wrapping and cut & merge.)

Workflow Automation

Some workflows in a TV-Station are similar, some are different. Using Broadcast Ultrasoft users are free to design, change and save their workflows as individual as possible. Authorized users can modify existing workflows to their needs or add completely new ones to the system any time by using the graphic workflow designer. Each file and project can have its own workflow. The status of every active workflow is available for display at any time.


Story and Resources

News and Stories

Write news, scripts and stories online. A different workflow can be applied to any individual news depending on the news content. Therefore the News module is useful not only for the news department but also suitable for any other production department. With the News and Stories module users can start production processes and allocate the needed resources to them using the Equipment and Facilities Management module below.

Equipment and Facilities Management

Always have a full picture of your equipment and facilities within the Broadcast Station. Browse to see what you have ready for production anytime, anywhere. Manage equipment, facilities, vehicles and any other resources. Statistics from the system help you to plan for future purchasing or rental activities. The cost analyser – part of the module – allows you to calculate the equipment costs for every production.


Schedule and Rundown


Create or finalize the daily schedule with full MAM support and a view of the progress on the production workflow.


The playlist created by rundown is useful for all studio and live events. The background file manager service delivers the content on the playlist to the play-out server on time according to the design of the specified workflow.


Playout Automation


Automation covers all the playout automation requirements of broadcast facilities. Automation is a multi-channel automation system with different redundancy configurations available. It can control a single or multiple video servers for playout.

It features a multilayer timeline for auxiliary events. Graphics, channel branding and any other external equipment can be controlled with IP, GPIO or RS-422/232 protocol.

Your benefits

  • Creating the true paperless Broadcaster
  • Cost-effective Management of any Broadcast Facility
  • Manages all workflows within a Broadcast Station
  • Integration of Production, Playout and Sales in one tool
  • Sophisticated Automation
  • Improves productivity and collaboration
  • Software-based management of a TV-Station
    • One source of all software reduces costs and increases efficiency
    • At-a-glance view of facility operations
    • More efficient production planning
    • Time to produce cost reports minimized

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