Broadcast Wireless

Wireless video link systems for professional camera and production teams.

Broadcast Wireless

Wireless video link systems to transmit video content from cameras to OB Vans or broadcast stations using microwave technology plus included intercom signals.

The Broadcast Wireless solutions are especially designed for news coverage (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist. Fields of use include TV channels, news broadcasters, production companies, OB Vans, rental houses and system integrators. Broadcast Wireless' rich set of products was designed to guarantee reliable and stable video transmission for different customer profiles, needs and budgets.

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Unique technology

Football goals, parachutists' landings, split-second finishes at the Olympics… sports, news coverage and reality shows are replete with unrepeatable moments that should never be missed. You can't afford to fail to catch each thrilling second in your broadcast. Further, you must be sure that not even a single pixel is dropped.

The unique technology enables the users to use robust and reliable wireless video links and ensure continuous and stable transmission for the entire broadcast session.

Broadcast Wireless' outstanding bi-directional system, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures. Built on a full-duplex data channel between camera transmitters to receivers, the system acknowledges the correct acceptance of each packet of pixels. As a result, the system enables continuous and stable content transmission – ensuring the reliability and stability you need.

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Full Duplex OFDM Link



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Broadcast Wirelss BW1

The all-new 7 msec delay wireless microwave transmission solution.

Broadcast Wireless BW1 wireless video system enables camera teams to wirelessly transmit video directly from cameras to media centres or OB trucks. Built on a bi-directional radio channel between transmitter and receiver, the systems acknowledge the correct acceptance of each group of pixels, thus providing exceptionally robust and reliable transmission.

The BW1 supports Broadcast Wireless' Fiber Coverage Extension (FCE) which enables connection of a single receiver to multiple FCEs in various sites (e.g. horse racing tracks – race track, stables and the winning circle) or even on completely separate sites (e.g. football stadium, basketball arena and swimming pool) all via fibre cables with unlimited range.


  • Sub-frame delay (7 msec): For live event coverage and multi-camera production
  • High-picture quality (+52dB PSNR): With new revolutionary H.264 CODEC technology
  • Full resolution supports: 1080p (up to 60 fps), 1080i, 720p, NTSC, PAL
  • Superior coverage utilizing MIMO and fibre- based antenna
  • Single-zone and multi-zone upgradable Fibre Coverage Extender (FCE) support
  • Seamless roaming from one coverage zone to another without losing a pixel!
  • Supports Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, Grass Valley and Hitachi Camera Control Units (CCU/RCP) and PTZ
  • Upgradable Intercom and IFB using the same RF channel
  • Wide coverage distance: up to 2,500 meter per zone
  • Unlicensed frequency
  • Bi-directional radio with per pixel acknowledgement