In May 2017 Slovakian television network Televízia Markíza commissioned its new HD OB Van, which marks the completion of their transition to HD. The OB Van is based on Broadcast Solutions GmbH’s Alphaline A12 model and can work in productions with up to 16 cameras. Alphaline is a variant of the company’s successful family of Streamline OB Vans of which more than 40 units are already built by the German system integrator working all over the world. With Alphaline, Broadcast Solutions offers the customers additional possibilities in terms of coachbuilding, workplace design and technical equipment. 

Markiza OB Van Alphaline A12 press

Picture above: f.l.t.r.: Stefan Breder (CEO Broadcast Solutions), Zdenko Rysavy (Technical Director TV Markiza), Rainer Kampe (CTO Broadcast Solutions), Matthias Settele (General Director TV Markiza)

Teaming with Slovakian system integrator ELEKTONIKA both companies provided a universal OB Van with the latest technical solutions enabling Televízia Markíza to handle a large variety of productions. A second important purpose the OB Van is dealing with is its use as disaster recovery solution for the studios of the company. An additional novelty in Alphaline OB Vans is the use of Riedel’s MediorNet system as a decentralized signal routing and communications backbone, achieving the flexibility the customer demanded of its OB Van.

The resulting OB Van offers the customer TV Markíza maximum flexibility and is a future-proof production tool to be used in the networks own large productions like “Let’s Dance”, as well as chart-shows or sports events.

“The OB Van was the missing link to complete our conversion to HD and is a major step to increase our viewers base, for instance with our own productions like ‘Let’s Dance’. Further on the OB gives us the flexibility to produce all different kinds of events, which makes the company more independent”, said Matthias Settele, General Director at Televízia Markíza.

In short, this universal OB Van serves two main purposes for Televízia Markíza. It is used in different sized productions – from large 16 camera to smaller productions and works as a backup and disaster recovery solution for the studios. The customer was looking for a flexible and versatile OB Van rather than a massive flagship truck and Broadcast Solutions’ Alphaline A12 serves this purpose perfectly.

According to Zdenko Rysavy, technical director, Televízia Markíza opted for Broadcast Solutions’ OB Van in order “to get the best solution on the market, to secure live broadcasting and to have an OB Van that is as universal as possible. Our main goals are to have a tool for disaster recovery and to use it for double productions.”

Specifications Televízia Markíza Alphaline A12 

Dimensions (l/w/h):  11,80 m (trailer only) / 2,55 m (stowed) / 3,75 m (expanded) / 4,00 m 
Weight: 20 t (trailer only)

10x Grass Valley LDX 80 Première
Super SloMo: 1x Grass Valley LDX 86 SSM
Wireless: 2x Vislink

Lenses: Canon
Video Switcher: Grass Valley Karrera K-Frame 3M/E
Video Router: Riedel MediorNet: 16x Riedel MicroN (9x MicroN Standard, 7x MicroN MultiViewer), 1x MetroN Core Router, I/O configuration 136x136
Monitors: Prod1: 6x NEC (42”)
Prod2: 2x NEC (32”)
Slomo: 4x TVLogic (24”)
Engineering: 2x NEC (46”), 4x Sony (17”)
Audio: 2x TVLogic (24”), 1x TVLogic (17”)
Slomo Servers: 3x Grass Valley K2 Dyno
Control System: Lawo VSM
Tally System: included in Lawo VSM
Digital Glue: 3x Imagine X100, Riedel MediorNet, Imagine Glue
Multiviewer: Riedel MicroN
Video Measurement: 3x Tektronix WFM 5200, 1x Phabrix RX 2000
Audio Mixer: Lawo mc256 xc, 2nd Audio Mixer: Yamaha QL1 (for 2nd production and redundancy)
Audio Matrix: Lawo Nova 73
Type of Audio 5.1: Genelec
Multitrack Audio Recorders: Ableton
Audio Measurement: RTW TM 9
Intercom Matrix: Riedel Artist 128
Stagebox System: 4x Riedel MediorNet Compact (2x Basic + 2x Pro)
Wireless Talkback: Riedel RiFace, Motorola



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